Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Great book about the future of the web

Wood, Zaidman and Ruth have written a very interesting book on a subject that will be new to most technical people. As a application architect I have been aware of the terms for several years but didn't know any of the details. This book provides the details! I was one of the reviewers of this book I very much enjoyed digging into the updates as they came out - each one adding more excited details about the future of integrating big data with a web user's experience.

The authors have packed a lot of information into their book. It covers the history behind the Semantic web and Linked Data, a throughout explanation of the technologies involved, as well as the application of Linked Data including examples and tutorials. If you have ever wondered why the products you were browsing on Amazon are now showing up as ads on your Google search results this book explains how the forward looking internet architects are making that happen.

This book is a bit different from most of the technical books I read. It provides all the step-by-step tutorial type information but also reads like a textbook on the subject. Take your time reading it and enjoy!

Available on Amazon and from Manning

How does this book relate to the previous post?  Among other things, Linked Data is about getting to know your users's patterns and interests. In order to engage them in a way that crosses their patterns and resonates with their interests you need data (Linked Data) and a tool (Teradata Marketing Studio).

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