Thursday, February 27, 2014

Too "Big" to ignore

Just finished reading a thought provoking article on Big Data "best practices" for setting your Big Data strategy. The article can be found in Smart Enterprise magazine and was written by Denise Dubie. Ms. Dubie does an excellent job of surveying CTO/CIOs with Big Data experience and some of the challenges they faced getting their strategy in place.

One of the important things about Big Data that Ms. Dubie reminded me about was how "disorganized" data is one of the principles at the foundation of Big Data. Being able to tie together data from different sources to make informed business decisions - that's Big Data. In fact, here is the book on that subject written by Lisa Arthur, one of the keynote speakers at the upcoming Teradata Summit. I will also be speaking at the summit on the subject of "Adding to the Power and Reach of Teradata Marketing Studio Through Integration".

I will close this post with a quote from Ms. Dubie's article - taken from her interview with John Michelsen.

“We don’t know all the questions Big Data is going to answer for us. We don’t know yet what the busi- ness value is of all those answers; we don’t always know exactly why we’re doing this except that we presume there is great value in it,” says John Michelsen, CTO at CA Technologies. “The upside is possibly so grand that we cannot ignore it —we have to act.”

I hope you are thinking about Big Data and will read this excellent article. I also hope that you can join me at the Teradata Summit!

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